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LittleThings is 100% ruled by passion.
LittleThings is 100% serious.

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Worldwide value shipping and individual delivery on request.

Since the 1990s, we have been successfully engaged in high value collectibles, art & vintage watches - worldwide. We are an independent owner-managed family business with a success story that began in the last millennium. Superior reliability is our key foundation. Our Atelier established long lasting relationships all over the globe with real authorities and connoisseurs. Because we are a privately owned company and will remain so, we can concentrate fully on the individual needs & wants of our clients.

Our favourite profession:
One-to-one client care - long term - in the overall development of your collection.


And.., who are you??

We @ LittleThings we are the fine team in your favor, ready for your dreams & desires. We are biggest fans of the little things in life, grown together over many years, work as a team to the highest standards and we are always available to you.

Feel free to contact us at any time! But never rush.. We live & operate our business overlooking the sea, ever on the quest & ready for the next earth-shaking discovery. Yes, that's what we do, even after 30 years of success - day after day, again and again, together with our clients - still, with the dream of the little child on a great voyage of discovery. And you..? You are very welcome!


We believe in freedom & individuality.
In love, magic & LittleThings in life.

LittleThings | make your day.

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