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We offer & trade history! LittleThings from all over the planet. Time-capsules & classic. Every vintage classic bear - in it`s own unique way - signs of age, is never waterproof, got patina.. That`s the nature of vintage - always.

We present to you treasures & collectibles exclusively in better, best & very best condition, inside & outside, with 100% verified provenance.

LittleThings is 100% ruled by passion.
LittleThings is 100% serious.

Buy with confidence!
Free shipping & free returns in Europe.
Worldwide value shipping and individual delivery on request.

First global atelier for everybody`s LittleThings
We are global & online. Our warehouse and logistics are not located at our office and business adresses. Therefore, it is not possible to show you items – at no time. This is for security reasons as well as to protect your LittleThings.

LittleThings for you
Our clients get the extra fine delicacies. Every LittleThings is photographed from the original and will be delivered to you exactly as described and pictured. If you do not find in the description and illustration anything about a downside, there is no downside. Then you found for yourself most likely a true LittleThings.

Benefit promise | How we do it
Every single acquisition of a new item for LittleThings is absolutely the same in procedure & ambition as buying a new item for our own private collection. And every single sale of a LittleThings to our clients is, in terms of procedure & ambition, like giving away one of our favorite items from our own private collection. We feel privileged & fortunate to be able to respond to and fulfill our clients' desires. As we all in our team are passionate about LittleThings.

Trust & integrity
We guarantee your full satisfaction as a matter of course.

Originality is key. We offer only genuine artwork & vintage products.

Please ask us about any topic, whether you are a long-time collector or buying your first LittleThings. Contact us - we love to answer every single question, to the very best of our knowledge.

LittleThings clients receive a personal preview in our showrooms. New clients upon request.

We preserve the origin of LittleThings as much as possible. Keep in mind: Vintage things bear signs of age, are never waterproof, have patina.. It`s the nature of vintage - always. Vintage is a personal view and choice - not an indication of quality. Therefore, we ask you to use all the information and images to ensure that LittleThings meets your personal expectations and you feel confident - before you buy. We often do not service our LittleThings (unless otherwise stated in the article description) because most of our customers prefer to decide for themselves at this point.

LittleThings are in working condition. Nevertheless, we always recommend a service for any vintage item at your personal trusted professional. If you need support with your LittleThings we help you with pleasure.

All pictures are taken from the original item. Keep in mind: Watches are greatly enlarged and show you more (then you will perceive in reality); vice versa artwork images are smaller and show you less (then you will perceive in reality). Our promise: If you like the picture you see - you will love the LittleThings you get.

Vintage Watches
For your information, we provide "technical indicators" in the item description. Please do not take them as a guarantee, but as a measurement indicator for your orientation. If you are not yet familiar with vintage, please do not hesitate to ask us for advice so that you have the opportunity to fully understand what you are buying or to let us know what exactly you are looking for. When it comes to vintage, there are many "experts" out there with lots of "expert advice". Sometimes it's not so easy to find the right decision. In doing so, don't forget what you are really looking for. Get information from different and preferably independent sources. And then make your own and very personal decision at this point. Because this decision is all about you & your personal LittleThings. Ask yourself - what corresponds best to your wishes & ideas! 

Always ask “..could you find my personal LittleThings”?
Yes, please challenge us. Our global network is established over decades.
We love to take over responsibility to find your personal LittleThings.

Always ask “..would you provide advice, consulting and continued support”?
Yes. We do.

Always ask “ you make acquisitions on my item or collection”?
Yes. You`re welcome.

Never ask “ price”?
Send your best offer.

Never ask “..item original”?
We only sell original products with clear description.
All pictures are taken from the original item.

Never ask “ friend is an expert and says..”.
We are specialized in our mission and do not philosophize.
We spend our time predominantly to find our clients LittleThings.

Take care of our clients means to us take care of communication. We kindly ask you also to take yourself a moment before you send your serious request to us. Respect & kindness are wonderful LittleThings.

LittleThings is 100% reliable. Our Atelier established long lasting relationships all over the globe with real authorities and connoisseurs. Superior reliability is a key foundation for LittleThings. We support our sources & we support our clients. This is also the reason why LittleThings works from €20.000,- by bank transfer without exception. No additional fees & no additional third party provider & no additional difficulties. It's simple as it is and it works for people all over the world since the year 1619 (..when the "Hamburger Wechselbank" was founded). As a result we share the savings every end of year with a children's charity.

LittleThings expects 100% special treatment. We check the incoming payments on a daily basis. All paid LittleThings immediately enter our logistic process. A well-prepared logistic process is important, extensive and takes up to a week to ensure that your LittleThings are handled well and your delivery is as safe as possible. We work reliably with a high sense of responsibility and commitment. LittleThings always delivers to you safely and quickly.

Shipment & insurance
Yes. We provide you value shipment for free - within EU and up to 20.000 Euro.
Yes. All items are insured up to 20.000 Euro.
Yes. All shipments are trackable.
Individual shipment and insurance for greater value upon request.
Security shipment and high value shipment upon request.
Specific shipment for art and antiques upon request.
Worldwide shipment upon request.

International Buyers
Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in sales price and are buyer responsibility. Please check with your country customs to determine what additional costs will be incurred.

Yes. All LittleThings come with a 14-day inspection period and return policy to you. Please pay attention to the instruction of returns. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

LittleThings is 100% ruled by passion. In any kind of issue please inform us immediately & friendly. We kindly ask you to give all involved parties always the possibility to clarify – for whatever reason. Be sure we solve any of our client related issue – together, promptly and to the point.

Understanding means to change to point of view
Our LittleThings are contemporary witnesses or, if you like, witnesses of time. They speak to you, out of their own history and have many things to share - of course, it takes a minimum of time and attention to understand. Take your time!

Last but not least
Our firm belief in sustainable action is based on full respect for every artist, craftsman, visionary, creator and all other magical inspirers in life. Just as it is towards every passionate collector, and therefore of course towards every single LittleThings client - all over the world.

LittleThings | make your day.

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