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Hej. Good to see YOU.
You'd like to know who we are.
That's understandable & important as well.

Here`s my personal message to you from Andreas Fries, founder & owner of LittleThings: At the latest with your second purchase at LittleThings you know that you are not just buying a LittleThings, but a whole philosophy and passion. This is not only expressed in our delicately selected things for you - but undoubtedly accumulates and epitomizes in them. Enjoy your transaction worldwide with the comfort & peace of mind of 100% professional processing by us - we have been engaged in high value collectibles, art & vintage watches successfully since the 1990s. You, as a collector and enthusiast enjoy looking around, decide on a LittleThings & stay relaxed. We care for you!

But before you decide on a LittleThings, you should definitely read the "Essentials" section. It will bring you closer to your very own new LittleThings - I promise. And, it may be of crucial importance to you.

LittleThings | make your day.

LittleThings. A brand of
Global Classic Atelier GmbH
Holm 39, 24937 Flensburg

Owner & Managing Director | Andreas Fries

Registergericht: Flensburg
Registernummer: HRB 14419

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer gemäß § 27 UstG: DE 312828915

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