The (wonderful) LittleThings in life!

There was a nice dialog between a client and a colleague from the LittleThings team recently & we were able to convince (persuade) our director to publish an extract of this dialog here. That's nice, because these lines are an excellent example of how we all here @ LittleThings works together with our clients.

Client: are an excellent seller and a very courteous man, so I really thank you for your efficiency and kindness..

LittleThings: ..thank you for your compliments - our director has been a passionate collector all his life, he is old school, knows exactly which aspects of each particular item count and he has a great influence on everyone in the team and company with his expertise and attention to detail. It's wonderful when customers feel this and give it back to us - as you do with your message. Thank you so much for that - it's the little things that also make our day!

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