ANDY WARHOL | Mao Progression
ANDY WARHOL | Mao Progression
ANDY WARHOL | Mao Progression
ANDY WARHOL | Mao Progression
ANDY WARHOL | Mao Progression
ANDY WARHOL | Mao Progression

ANDY WARHOL | Mao Progression

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Andy Warhol
1928 Pittsburgh – 1987 New York City

Andy Warhol masterpiece from the legendary New York collection for the Stockholm portfolio. It is hand signed and numbered and comes from a limited edition of 300 copies - each one, including the present work, is unique.

This work is the penultimate work from Andy Warhol's "Mao Progression" series. An exceptionally abstract work - because with each subsequent print, the image of Mao became more distorted and abstracted, and ultimately this work is one of the most complete abstract works in the entire edition of 300 available on the market. In addition, this unique Warhol artwork is number 8 of 9 P.P. copies (printers proof) - extremely rare, as most of the works in this series are owned and exhibited in world-famous museums of modern art.

Close your eyes & imagine:
Where is the right place for this Warhol in your home? Here is your chance!

If you don't have the right space in your home, you can view editions of this work in the recent Andy Warhol retrospective at the Whitney Museum. The information on the wall at the Whitney Museum describes the edition as follows: "Warhol produced these works at the invitation of Billy Kluver and Julie Martin of Experiments of Art & Technology (E.A.T.), a group that promoted collaborations between artists and engineers. Using only a photocopier, Warhol instructed Martin to make three hundred sequential copies of an original drawing of Mao using each successive copy as the course for the next. Because of a device built into the machine to prevent the counterfeiting of money, Martin found that the image of Mao was enlarged by a small percentage each time and thus distorted with every consecutive copy. Warhol embraced this element of chance, and by the final, three hundredth print, the image of Mao had become completely abstract."


MoMA | The New York Collection for Stockholm

Pigment print
Sequential Xerox Print on Typewriter Paper
verso - signed & numbered (in ball-point pen by Andy Warhol)
verso - stamped

Real wood frame - custom made
Glass, UV 100, glare-free
Size 42 x 32 cm


Provenance | Artists Printers Proof, Gallery New York, Gallery Germany, Private Collection Germany


Frayda Feldman and Jorg Schellmann, Andy Warhol Prints: A Catalogue Raisonne: 1962-1987, Fourth Edition, D.A.P., New York, 2003, Catalogue Reference F&S II. 89; another impression reproduced in color page 80, an additional 3 impressions reproduced on page 164.
Museum Collections (other editions)
National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

Exhibitions (other editions):
Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again, Nov 12, 2018–Mar 31, 2019, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again, May 19, 2019–Sep 2, 2019, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Fransisco
Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again, Oct 20, 2019–Jan 26, 2020, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
Leo Castelli exhibition of New York for Stockholm Portfolio to benefit Moderna Museet:
Walker Art Center Leo Castelli Gallery Brooklyn Museum Pop Impressions Europe/USA, Museum of Modern Art and many other venues..





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