ASGER JORN | Untitled
ASGER JORN | Untitled
ASGER JORN | Untitled
ASGER JORN | Untitled
ASGER JORN | Untitled
ASGER JORN | Untitled
ASGER JORN | Untitled

ASGER JORN | Untitled

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Asger Jorn
1914 Vejrum, Jütland - 1973 Aarhus

Asger (Oluf Jørgensen) Jorn was a Danish painter, sculptor, ceramic artist, author, philosopher and art theorist. The Danish artist moved between the poles of different influences and styles, vacillated between abstraction and figuration, between informal and art brut, and created his own sport with the three-sided soccer ball.

As one of Scandinavia's most influential and internationally recognized artists, Jorn was a networking person and the driving force behind several art associations. Among other things, he was one of the main figures behind the magazine Helhesten, he co-founded the art movement CoBrA (this association, whose name is made up of the first letters of the cities of Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam, was intended to be a kind of gathering place for artists who saw themselves as expressionist, abstract artists), MIBI (Mouvement Internationale pour un Bauhaus Imaginiste) and Situationist International. He also worked with Fernand Léger on large-scale decorations for Le Corbusier’s Pavillon des Temps Nouveaux.

Jorn developed the spontaneous-abstract imagery and explored painting, drawing, collage, graphics, ceramics and image weaving as artistic forms of expression. In addition, he published 23 books, contributed to the publication of a number of art magazines and wrote numerous articles. With his extraordinarily powerful style between abstraction and figuration, Asger Jorn created dynamic pictures that range from playful lightness to the depths of the soul. Tirelessly painting and writing, Jorn combined Scandinavian culture with the international avantgarde in his works, building bridges between free, experimental design and formal clarity. Throughout his life, Jorn was in contact with leading thinkers and artists.

Unique hand-colored lithography on paper
Signed & dated

Real wood frame - custom made
Mirogard glass, UV 100, glare-free
FSC-certified timber, 
100% Made in Germany, 100% Organic
Size 40 x 30 cm

Provenance | Gallery France, Auctioneers Germany, Private collection Germany





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