CAUNY | Dresswatch | Royal 2000 | 1960s
CAUNY | Dresswatch | Royal 2000 | 1960s
CAUNY | Dresswatch | Royal 2000 | 1960s
CAUNY | Dresswatch | Royal 2000 | 1960s

CAUNY | Dresswatch | Royal 2000 | 1960s

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CAUNY | Dresswatch

Royal 2000


Why did Cauny become a cult brand in the Mediterranean from the 1950s?

The story of Cauny is interwoven with the history of the “Greblers”, a Polish family that had to flee at the beginning of the First World War and settled in Switzerland in La-Chaux-de-Fonds. There they first came into contact with the tradition of this strong place and created their watch own brand. CAUNY was founded in 1927, by the three Grebler siblings: Mireille, Albert and Henry. Mireille, the youngest of the three siblings, is the first woman to head a watch brand in the world. The nautical spirit of the brand dates back to the early years when brothers Albert and Henry sailed passenger ships across the Mediterranean, from port city to port city, carrying Cauny watches into the world. With a Swiss passport and a Mediterranean soul, Cauny has established itself as a cult watch brand from the Mediterranean to the world.

The three visionary founders of Cauny have made analog watches accessible to a wide audience. The high-quality watch classics of the traditional Swiss company are timepieces that honor courage, entrepreneurship and authenticity.

Cauny is a good example of a brand that delivers great watches at an affordable price. Even today, the wonderful vintage pieces are still undervalued in terms of ambitious design and technical reliability.


This Cauny Royal 2000 in good condition is ready for a vintage fan to give it a service sooner or later to become best friends for the next decade.

Manual movement
Diameter 34 mm without crown

Technical indications | Keeping time <200 sec/day





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