CY TWOMBLY | Untitled
CY TWOMBLY | Untitled
CY TWOMBLY | Untitled

CY TWOMBLY | Untitled

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CY Twombly
1928 Lexington, Virginia - 2011 Rome, Italy

CY Twombly was an American painter, photographer, object artist and is one of the most important representatives of abstract expressionism.

„I knew a poet who was totally ignorant about botany. And I said: you can't be a poet without knowing any botany or plants and things like that; it's impossible, that's the first thing you should know.“ CY Twombly

„I show things in flux.“ CY Twombly

Lithography on velum paper
verso - signed & numbered


Real gold frame - custom made
Glass, UV 100
Size 54,5 x 44,5 cm

Provenance | Gallery Germany, Private Collection Germany





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