K. R. H. SONDERBORG | Untitled (Männlein)
K. R. H. SONDERBORG | Untitled (Männlein)
K. R. H. SONDERBORG | Untitled (Männlein)
K. R. H. SONDERBORG | Untitled (Männlein)
K. R. H. SONDERBORG | Untitled (Männlein)
K. R. H. SONDERBORG | Untitled (Männlein)
K. R. H. SONDERBORG | Untitled (Männlein)

K. R. H. SONDERBORG | Untitled (Männlein)

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K. R. H. Sonderborg
1923 Sønderborg - 2008 Hamburg

Iconic and major important artist (of the Informel) & so called "artist without atelier".

 „Ich kann nur soviel zu meinen Bildern sagen, dass ich weiß, dass ich sie gemacht habe, wo ich sie gemacht habe und wann ich sie gemacht habe.“ K. R. H. Sonderborg

This statement in the 1960s to the Munich gallerist Otto Stangl is a prime example that K. R. H. Sonderborg was never interested to have his work classified in art-historical categories. It furthermore answers why some of his works are dated, moreover sometimes inclusive time and timeframe of painting, instead of signed.

Kurt Rudolf Hoffmann, officially called himself in 1951 after his place of birth K.R.H. Sonderborg so as not to be identified as a German artist after the war. Before studying at the Landeskunstschule in Hamburg with Willem Grimm and Maria May, Sonderborg spent a year studying privately with the painter Ewald Becker-Carus in Hamburg. In Hamburg, Sonderborg first came into contact with an environment that fascinated him to the end and offered him subjects: First of all, the great river Elbe and the port of Hamburg with its pontoons, ships and cranes as well as the tracks of the freight yards, which where later joined by the metropolises and their airports. Big city impressions, triggered by stays in Paris, London and New York, environmental noise and jazz - his father is a jazz musician - play a central role in Sonderborg. He was also fascinated by the dynamics of maelstroms such as the "Moskenstraumen" between the Lofoten islands, which he traveled to several times. These circling, dynamic vortices can be found again and again in his pictures. Even at an advanced age, K. R. H. Sonderborg was still a „Swingboy” who liked to eat well, roamed the streets for days and frequented the local jazz clubs extensively.


Lithography on paper
Signed, dated & numbered
Verso - inscribed


>> Framing on request: Production approx. 2 weeks | Surcharge €100

Real wood frame - custom made
Acrylic glass, UV 100, glare-free
FSC-certified timber, 
100% Made in Germany, 100% Organic
Size 83 x 63 cm


Provenance | Gallery Germany, Private Collection Germany, Private Collection Denmark





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