LIP | Super Jumbo Racing Chronograph | Date | NOS | 1970s
LIP | Super Jumbo Racing Chronograph | Date | NOS | 1970s
LIP | Super Jumbo Racing Chronograph | Date | NOS | 1970s

LIP | Super Jumbo Racing Chronograph | Date | NOS | 1970s

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LIP | Super Jumbo Racing Chronograph

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Lip is a French watch manufacturer located in Besançon. The Jura metropolis and headquarters of the French watch industry was home to many famous watch manufacturers in the past. Lip watches was one of the most famous manufacturers. Emmanuel Lipman and his sons founded a watch workshop in 1867 under the name Comptoir Lipmann, which became Société Anonyme d'Horlogerie Lipmann Frères (Uhrenfabrik Gebrüder Lipmann) in 1893. The manufacturer launched the Lip stopwatch in 1896. After that, Lip became the company's brand. About 2,500 pieces were built per year. The company first produced electromechanical wristwatches called "Electronic" in 1952, which were worn by Charles de Gaulle and Dwight D. Eisenhower, among others. In 1948, Winston Churchill was offered a model T18.

The company's turmoil became emblematic of the conflicts between labor and management in France in the 1970s. The Lip factory had financial problems in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Management then decided to try to close it down. However, after strikes and a highly publicized factory occupation in 1973, Lip was managed by the workers. The laid-off workers were rehired by March 1974, but the company was again liquidated in the spring of 1976. This led to a new struggle, described by the daily Libération as "the social conflict of the 1970s".


Here we have one of those iconic LIP watches from the 70s in a jumbo racing edition. Like new & freshly serviced in 2022.

3, 2, 1 - go!


Manual movement
Diameter 41 mm without crown | height = 46 mm

Technical indications | Keeping time +14 sec/day
Serviced 2022





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