NAM JUNE PAIK | "When too perfect.."
NAM JUNE PAIK | "When too perfect.."

NAM JUNE PAIK | "When too perfect.."

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Nam June Paik
1932 Seoul – 2006 Miami Beach

Nam June Paik was an composer and visual artist and is considered a founder of video and media art.

He is best known for his flickering robot figures and large-scale installations. For him, technology is not a necessary evil, but a natural part of the environment that should be shaped as a matter of course. Nam June Paik originally began his artistic career as a composer. However, his teacher Wolfgang Fortner considered the native Korean to be "such an extraordinary phenomenon" that he did not feel responsible for him and recommended him to the Studio for Electronic Music at the WDR in Cologne. Here he met Karlheinz Stockhausen and Joseph Beuys also became his artistic companion. The decisive factor was meeting the American composer John Cage in 1958. After that, Paik broke new ground with his action music – and went down in art history as a “destruction artist”.

When too perfect lieber Gott böse.” The quote is by Nam June Paik in 1993. And all the carpet-weavers in the Orient know about this. The Amish, too, consciously integrate mistakes into their Quilts. The add mistakes on purpose, because otherwise lieber Gott böse – “god is angry”.


Metal sign | "When too perfect lieber Gott böse."

Size 25 x 15 cm

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