RUPPRECHT GEIGER | Sonnenuntergang
RUPPRECHT GEIGER | Sonnenuntergang
RUPPRECHT GEIGER | Sonnenuntergang

RUPPRECHT GEIGER | Sonnenuntergang

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Rupprecht Geiger
1908 München - 2009 München

Rupprecht Geiger was a German architect, abstract painter and sculptor.

"Rot ist Leben, Energie, Potenz, Macht, Liebe, Wärme, Kraft. Rot macht high. Schau in die glutrot untergehende Sonne, sie gibt dir Kraft für den nächsten Tag." Rupprecht Geiger

Rupprecht Geiger's oeuvre changed from his work as an architect to a war painter, to one of the pioneering main representatives of German color field painting after 1945. As a founding member of the artist group "ZEN 49", he passionately devoted himself to the interaction of color like few others. In particular, red has become his signature color, which for him symbolizes "life, energy, potency, power, love, warmth, strength." Experiencing it was probably one of the most important factors for Geiger to specialize his ouevre in this way. Rich in contrast, he lets strict forms and colors meet in "variations" or "modulations" - as he calls them - in order to elicit new qualities from each of them. He regarded color as an autonomous value, detached from form, its spiritual power was brought to bear. To this end, he also created irregular canvases (shaped canvas) long before Frank Stella, for example, did so, before later limiting himself almost completely to the archetypal forms of circle and rectangle.

Alongside painting, the silkscreen process crystallized as a means of realizing his visions of pure luminosity.


Hand print on cardboard
verso - signed (courtesy signatur)

Unique serial print
Original R. Geiger color pigments
Each piece individually printed by hand


Real wood frame - custom made
Acrylic glass, UV 100, glare-free
FSC-certified timber, 
100% Made in Germany, 100% Organic
Size 42 x 32 cm


Provenance | Suisse Gallery, German Gallery, Private Collection Denmark





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