YEMA | Superman | Heritage Bronze | Limited Edition No. 250
YEMA | Superman | Heritage Bronze | Limited Edition No. 250
YEMA | Superman | Heritage Bronze | Limited Edition No. 250
YEMA | Superman | Heritage Bronze | Limited Edition No. 250
YEMA | Superman | Heritage Bronze | Limited Edition No. 250
YEMA | Superman | Heritage Bronze | Limited Edition No. 250
YEMA | Superman | Heritage Bronze | Limited Edition No. 250

YEMA | Superman | Heritage Bronze | Limited Edition No. 250

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Superman | Heritage Bronze

The YEMA Superman Heritage Bronze is a limited reissue of the iconic French diver watch YEMA Superman reference 53.00.16 initially released in 1970 as an indestructible measurement tool for diving professionals. With its distinct resolutely vintage design, this exclusive bronze edition is limited to 1948 collector’s time pieces so as to commemorate YEMA’s year of foundation. This unique bronze edition will develope a natural patina that will make each watch truly one of a kind.

This unique YEMA Superman is No. 250
(engraved on the caseback)

Case Material: Bronze
Dial: Blue
Dimensions: 39mm
Crystal: Sapphire
Water Resistance: 300 meters
Crown: Screw down
Movement: YEMA’s in-house MBP1000 caliber
Strap/bracelet: Available with leather, nylon or tropic rubber
Release: October 2019 >> SOLD OUT

Founded in 1948, YEMA is run by a third-generation watchmakers‘ family of Morteau, most employees averaging 30 years of service and having been trained in France’s most prestigious horology schools located in our region. Over the years, YEMA has stood the test of time by specializing in luxury and high-precision mechanics made in partnership with the military, professional sportsmen and known scientists.

YEMA launched the Superman Heritage in 2019, which lovingly recreates the Superman reference. This outstanding watch was developed in collaboration with Hugues Vitry. Hugues Vitry is a worldwide recognised professional diver & marine conservation activist responsible for Marine Megafauna Conservation Organization, a NGO which studies the population of resident sperm whales in the Indian Ocean.

Since years, Hugues sees the animals being born and growing up, the sperm whales got used to his presence by their side and they have become a family for him. Hugues has given a name to each whale. Eliot, one of the sperm whales, has a very close history with Hugues: “ Last year he had a fish hook stuck in. Imagine a wild animal of several tons coming to see a human being to tell him that he has a problem, it is a fabulous contact ” explains the one known as “ the man who speaks to the sperm whales”.

Hugues is a big fan of YEMA from a young age, his first diving watch was a YEMA Navygraf which he stills owns. Early 2018 he approached YEMA to explore a potential collaboration: MISSION MAUBYDICK.

This exclusive reissue of a diver's watch was designed in support of Hugues Vitry's MISSION MAUBYDICK expedition, which has been exploring the unique population of sperm whales in the Indian Ocean since September 2019. This expedition will include valuable ecological and scientific research that will help raise awareness among fishermen, marine operators and local communities to protect and respect these creatures.

The idea of reissuing a Superman Heritage in bronze was brought forward by Hugues arguing is YEMA’s most iconic dive watch and that this metal alloy is more resistant to corrosion by salt water than steel, making it the perfect material to go diving with. Hugues was also seduced by bronze because its ability to patina making each watch truly one of a kind: “Like fine wines, bronze watches do not age, they get better! So each watch will age differently according to its usage and exposure to diverse weather conditions”. Every YEMA Superman bronze becomes unique.

Another interesting aspect about bronze is that one can easily reverse the bronze watch patina in just a few minutes!

As an amateur of mechanical dive watches, Hugues emphasised the importance of privileging a classic and minimalist design while enhancing the essential diving features: Graduated bezel with main markers engraved, a luminescent triangle at 12 o’clock and the iconic arrow minutes hand should be made prominent yet refined.

YEMA tooks the iconic Superman Heritage case as a model then we worked on several sketches. They imagined different finishings and opted for a radial brushed one which looked really class on bronze.

After a few design iterations they made a first prototype end 2018. Hugues then YEMA CoLabs community provided valuable feedback which allowed to make some last adjustments and come with a final model that preserves the identity of the iconic Superman, its robust and indestructible aspect while ensuring high visibility during diving activities.

The final prototype has been extensively tested by Hugues during the first months of 2019. It has accompanied Hugues through over 50 diving sessions in the Indian Ocean and Caribbean waters, according to him “ This is a comfortable watch, rock-solid and perfectly sized for diving activities, once it develops patina it looks like a vintage time piece, a lot of people asked me how old the watch was! ”.

YEMA’s in-house mechanical movement is mostly recognised for its reliability and is undeniably the heart and soul of the Superman Heritage Bronze. Skilfully created in 2011 by expert watchmakers at Morteau (France) workshops, YEMA’s in-house movement required 2 years of R&D and an investment of € 3m. This workhorse automatic movement robustness has been widely proven during past 10 years, its deliberate standardised engineering design ensures easy servicing by any watch expert. This YEMA in-house movement contains an intricate series of tiny components working together to power the timepiece, the motion of wearing the watch provides all the power needed to wind it up and keep it running.

With 31 Ruby jewels, it beats at 28,800 A/h and offers a convenient power reserve of 45 hours. Following internal Quality Control procedures, the YEMA watchmakers team calibrate the movement right after assembling to +/- 6 sec/day accuracy.

39mm case with integrated crown guards made in bronze with a distinguished vertical brushed effect.

The Superman Heritage GMT Bronze features a high quality 2.60mm thick double dome sapphire crystal, offering increased scratch resistance (Mohs 9 scale - Diamond 10) and a resolute vintage look while ensuring perfect readability when underwater. This type of double dome crystal is mainly found in high-end watches because the construction of its two convex faces requires 3x more sapphire than plain sapphire crystals.

The unique Superman bezel-lock at 3 o'clock has proven very useful to professional divers and is found on all Superman models since 1963.

According to its use and exposure to weather conditions the bronze will age differently making each timepiece unique and authentic. These watches will keep a vintage look but with all the advantages and high performance of modern mechanical dive watches.


Automatic movement caliber MBP1000
Diameter 39 mm without crown

Technical indications | Keeping time -2 sec/day





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